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Budgeting / Scheduling / Production planning

James Boyle (under Park Road Production Services) provides budgets, breakdowns, schedules, consultancy & coverage on film projects. James possessing a diverse and highly-skilled production background having worked on numerous projects, long and short. His work most recently involved producing and managing shoots in 7 countries, with 5 production units that covered nearly 20 locations worldwide. If you would like help in preparing or planning your production, scroll down and choose Production from the list of options.


VFX Script Breakdown

Does your film have the potential inclusion of Visual Effects (VFX)? But don't know your rotoscoping from your match move to your CG characters? Then let Park Road Production Services help you. We can provide a fully tagged script with all VFX elements ready for Visual Effects vendor conversations. Interested? Scroll down and choose VFX Breakdown from the list of options.

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Visual Treatments

Directors, have a great idea for a film but hate sourcing reference images? Don’t have the necessary skills to utilise Photoshop or InDesign to bring it all together? Then let Park Road Creative Services help you out. We have designed treatments for numerous clients: Apple, Sky Creative, Sky 1 & Sky Atlantic, Lacosté, Hugo Boss and agencies including CNN Create, Ogilvy, Grey London amongst others. We can provide everything from a simple treatment template in PowerPoint, Pages or Keynote, to a full visual treatment with reference images and bespoke graphics tailored to your project. Interested? Scroll down and choose Visual Treatment from the list of options.

Pitch Decks and Investor Presentations

An important part of any project is the ability to sell it visually and concisely to your buyers; that may be an investor, a producer or even your audience. Pitch decks and presentations are great ways to do this. Park Road provides full-service creative work to help you pitch your project. From PowerPoint or Keynote presentations with bespoke designs matching your project theme and colours to detailed investor presentations, Park Road Creative Services can help bring it all together in a creative and saleable package. Interested? Scroll down and choose Pitch Decks from the list of options.

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Film & Sales Poster Design

Your film needs a great poster. Even before it hits cinemas. With a love of all things film, Park Road Creative Services can provide a striking sales poster to accompany your investor presentations. Not at that stage yet? We can even help you work on rough ideas to present as options in your pitch deck. Interested? Scroll down and choose Sales Poster from the list of options.


A film needs a destination. Where is your audience going to get information about screenings, merchandise and news? Park Road Creative Services can provide a memorable website for your film, incorporating your; news, trailers, blog and screening info. All professionally designed to match your key art visuals and project theme and colours. Websites can be created in HTML or even Squarespace if needed. Interested? Scroll down and choose Website from the list of options.

Social Media Artwork

It is 2018, having a social media presence (small or large) is now a requirement of almost everyone. Do you have a brand which needs a fresh artwork package for Twitter and Facebook? Or are you a filmmaker who wants to unify your social presence across all platforms, but not sure what size and format they all require? Then let Park Road Creative Services help you out. We can design and deliver screen ready artwork for all current social media platforms. Interested? Scroll down and choose Social Media Artwork from the list of options.

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